Within strict limits, I bring my personal life to the therapy hour. One of life’s surprises has been that I am an identical twin. My life experience is grounded in relationship.

I have met some important goals and sometimes fallen short. Like most of us, I have had unexpected losses in my family and have witnessed loved ones die.

I belong to a small book group dedicated to classical/modern fiction. I am also a serious reader of science, philosophy, physics, history, nature, anthropology, and economics.

Some years ago, I converted to Catholicism and have always been concerned about poverty, hunger, and war. I believe that caring for the larger community is important to individual growth. 

I have worked as a credentialed, professional photographer and am especially proud of my portrait projects on behalf of non-profits. The “Pets for Vets” gallery is on display at the Veteran’s Hospital in San Francisco.  I also created a gallery for the orphans of The Village of Hope in DaNang, Vietnam, which was used for fundraising.

I am married to my best friend, Nancy, and together we parent our adopted daughter from Guatemala. Fatherhood and long-term marriage have been the best decisions I have made in my life, by far. We sail together, fish, enjoy chess and checkers, and play baseball with our Labrador. She doubles as the catcher and outfielder.

Mostly, we just like being in the same room together. We are comfortable with who we are in good times and bad.