Donald H. Crowe, Clinical PsychologistDr. Don Crowe is a licensed clinical psychologist, who has been providing counseling and psychological services in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years. He brings his education, professional training and rich life experience to his clinical work with individuals, couples and families.


Life guarantees us some portion of necessary losses, troubled feelings, as well as happiness along the way. Are you experiencing problems within yourself, at work, or with your intimate others? Do you want your life to be different? If so you have to act and think differently.

Sometimes we can work things out by ourselves. Other times we need more than just a friend to lean on. If you are thinking it is time to start therapy with an experienced professional I am willing to help. If you want someone who leads with their heart, is well informed in the science of wellness, is practical and collaborative, consider working with me.

In addition to my academic training, I’ve studied and worked in institutional settings and have been mentored by some extraordinary leaders of my field. I’ve had a rich life, formed by joys and tragic loss, great adventures, successes and also, failure. I bring all of these with me to the therapy hour.

I also present workshops and teach courses to professionals and community groups on topics such as: aging well, managing Type A behavior and stress, personality issues, success in marriage and happiness.

You may contact me and have a free phone consultation to help decide if we are “a good fit” or to discuss any questions you may have.